Industrial Special Risks

Industrial Special Risk Insurance

Industrial Special Risk (ISR) insurance is a broad business insurance covering you for the things that might not be covered in a general business cover. It is designed for medium to larger businesses

ISR is well suited to businesses that operate from multiple locations, have high asset values or combine multiple occupation classes.

Policies are typically divided into two sections: Property Damage and Consequential Loss.

In essence an ISR policy is a business pack for bigger businesses. Public and Product Liability is usually not included in an ISR policy although our principal staff can arrange a suitable policy for you in conjunction with an ISR policy.

Industrial Special Risks policies are complex and require a full needs analysis to completely understand the risks faced by your business. It takes a significant amount of experience to advise on a suitable industrial risks policy. Our Director’s extensive experience working on ISR policies will make a significant difference in the outcome of both your policy inception and if you ever need to claim.

Claims can be significant with industrial special risks policies and it is vital to have your business risks suitably specified and covered. We can confidently advise and asses your business risks and negotiate competitive terms with insurance companies and underwriters.

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